PERFORMANCE  - I perform in a few different venues. I improvise on every song I play which makes the experience very rewarding for me.

Restaurants - I do enjoy playing music in the establishments because people are pretty happy to eat. I can play quietly and in many styles. I love capturing someone's attention when they really are not expecting to be grabbed by a song. I can see the wonderment in their eyes about my instrument.

ate parties - Poolside, cocktail hour, banquet room, or in someone's living room and special occasions. When looking for background music, my EVI and I excel.
Retirement and Convalescent Homes - People here really enjoy my music because all the familiar songs sound fresh and new when using the EVI. I also sing most of the songs. I still improvise on every song and feel great when I see them with there eyes closed swaying with improvisation as they take the ride with me. I do believe intention is very important when I play for this type of audience. My intention is about healing and making the listener feel better.

I teach privately and in elementary schools. I have room for about a total of 20 private students. 
I teach at Washington Elementary School where I have 80 students.
I also teach at Open Alternative School (oas.sbceo.org) and have about 80 students there.
I teach trumpet, saxes, flute, trombone, clarinet, violin, recorder and beginning guitar.

I make sure that learning to read music is a priority along with theory. I like to have fun when I teach and I try to get the kids to have fun too. That really is my main motivator for the students. 

Why  learn and practice if it's not going to be fun?

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