Best guitar tuners for accurate intonation.

Choosing the best guitar tuner for accurate intonation is crucial for achieving excellent tuning stability and ensuring your guitar sounds its best. Intonation, the ability of a guitar to play in tune up and down the fretboard, is a critical aspect of a well-set-up instrument. Here, we explore some of the best guitar tuners for precise intonation:

**1. **PolyTune 3 by TC Electronic:**
– The PolyTune 3 offers polyphonic tuning, allowing you to strum all your strings and see which ones are out of tune at a glance. It’s fast and accurate, making it great for intonation adjustments.

**2. **Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner:**
– Known for its rugged durability, the TU-3 is a chromatic tuner that’s extremely accurate. Its high visibility display and responsive needle make it ideal for intonation setup.

**3. **Peterson StroboStomp HD:**
– The StroboStomp HD is a true strobe tuner, known for its exceptional accuracy. It offers great visibility with its bright display and is a favorite among professional guitar techs for intonation work.

**4. **Korg Pitchblack Pro:**
– The Pitchblack Pro is a rack-mounted tuner that’s easy to read and very accurate. It features a large, clear display and is suitable for intonating multiple guitars in a studio or live setup.

**5. **Snark SN-8 Super Tight All-Instrument Tuner:**
– The Snark SN-8 is a clip-on tuner that’s budget-friendly and works well for intonation adjustments. It has a high-resolution display and a fast response time.

**6. **Peterson StroboClip HD:**
– The StroboClip HD is a high-precision clip-on tuner. Peterson is renowned for its strobe tuning technology, and this tuner provides excellent accuracy for intonation.

**7. **D’Addario NS Micro Soundhole Tuner:**
– Designed to fit in the soundhole of an acoustic guitar, the NS Micro Soundhole Tuner is a discreet and accurate tuner that works well for acoustic guitar intonation adjustments.

**8. **TC Electronic Polytune Clip:**
– The Polytune Clip is a polyphonic clip-on tuner that offers fast and accurate tuning. Its compact size and high visibility make it a good choice for on-the-fly intonation checks.

**9. **Korg AW-LT100M:**
– The Korg AW-LT100M is a sleek and accurate clip-on tuner. It features a multi-color display that’s easy to read in various lighting conditions, making it suitable for intonation work.

**10. **Boss TU-10 Clip-On Tuner:**
– The TU-10 is a compact clip-on tuner with a large, easy-to-read display. It provides precise tuning, making it useful for intonation adjustments.

**11. **TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini:**
– The Polytune 2 Mini is a compact pedal tuner with a polyphonic tuning mode for quick intonation checks. Its small size is convenient for pedalboard setups.

**12. **D’Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner:**
– The NS Micro Tuner is a tiny clip-on tuner that provides accurate tuning. Its discrete size makes it suitable for intonation checks without adding bulk to your instrument.

**13. **Boss TU-12EX Chromatic Tuner:**
– The TU-12EX is a chromatic tuner that’s been a staple in many guitarists’ gig bags for years. Its LED display provides precise tuning and is useful for intonation adjustments.

**14. **Snark ST-2 Super Tight Chromatic Tuner:**
– The Snark ST-2 is another popular clip-on tuner known for its accuracy and affordability. It’s well-suited for intonation checks and general tuning.

**15. **Sonic Research ST-300 Turbo Tuner:**
– The ST-300 Turbo Tuner is known for its speed and accuracy. It’s a strobe tuner with a reputation for precise tuning and is suitable for intonation work.

**16. **Boss TU-80 Chromatic Tuner & Metronome:**
– The TU-80 is a versatile device that combines a tuner and metronome. It’s great for intonation adjustments and practice sessions where timing is crucial.

When choosing a guitar tuner for intonation work, consider factors such as accuracy, ease of use, display visibility, and form factor (pedal, clip-on, rack-mounted, etc.). It’s important to have a tuner that responds quickly and provides reliable tuning information, especially when adjusting the intonation of your guitar. While many tuners on the market are versatile for general tuning needs, the above-mentioned models are particularly well-regarded for their accuracy, making them excellent choices for intonation setup.

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