Top guitarists to follow on social media.

Certainly, we can provide a list of top guitarists to follow on social media. However, please note that my knowledge is current up to September 2021, and I’m unable to provide information on social media trends or new accounts that may have emerged after that date. That said, here’s a list of some prominent guitarists who were active on social media up to that point:

**1. John Mayer (@johnmayer):**

John Mayer, known for his virtuosic guitar playing and versatile style, shares insights into his music, gear, and life on his social media accounts. He often goes live on Instagram to interact with fans.

**2. Slash (@slash):**

The iconic Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash, shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of his life and career on his social media profiles. Fans can expect updates on his tours, music, and guitar gear.

**3. Steve Vai (@stevevai):**

Steve Vai, a virtuoso guitarist, and composer frequently engages with his audience on social media. He shares guitar tips, music theory insights, and inspirational content.

**4. Nita Strauss (@hurricanenita):**

Nita Strauss, known for her shredding guitar skills with Alice Cooper and as a solo artist, actively uses social media to connect with fans. Her accounts are filled with guitar-related content, workout routines, and motivational posts.

**5. Tosin Abasi (@tosinabasi):**

Tosin Abasi, the innovative guitarist from Animals as Leaders, shares intricate guitar techniques and insights into his progressive playing style on social media. He often engages with the guitar community in online discussions.

**6. Sarah Longfield (@reignofkindo):**

Sarah Longfield is a skilled guitarist and multi-instrumentalist known for her work in the progressive and djent genres. She frequently posts video clips showcasing her technical guitar skills on her social media accounts.

**7. Paul Davids (@pauldavidsguitar):**

Paul Davids, a YouTube guitar educator and musician, is a great follow for guitar enthusiasts looking to improve their skills. He shares informative guitar tutorials and gear reviews on his platforms.

**8. Kaki King (@kakigram):**

Kaki King, a renowned fingerstyle guitarist, often provides glimpses into her creative process and guitar compositions on her social media profiles. Her innovative guitar playing and unique approach to music are worth exploring.

**9. Mateus Asato (@mateusasato):**

Mateus Asato is a Brazilian guitarist known for his exceptional technique and melodic playing style. His social media accounts feature clips of his mesmerizing guitar solos and creative musical ideas.

**10. Orianthi (@orianthi):**

Orianthi, who has played alongside artists like Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper, shares insights into her career and guitar playing on social media. She often posts about her gear and live performances.

**11. Plini (@plinirh):**

Plini, an instrumental progressive rock guitarist, is active on social media, sharing snippets of his intricate compositions and guitar techniques. His posts often give fans a behind-the-scenes look at his music-making process.

**12. Rob Scallon (@robscallon):**

Rob Scallon is a YouTube guitarist and musician who creates engaging and often humorous guitar-related content. He explores various playing styles and techniques, making him a fun and informative follow.

These guitarists represent a diverse range of styles and approaches to the instrument, making them excellent sources of inspiration and knowledge for guitar enthusiasts. Be sure to check their social media accounts for the most up-to-date content and to discover other guitarists they may collaborate with or recommend.

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